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Available Office Space

With over 450 million square feet of office space in the Washington Metropolitan Area, availability for your organization is almost guaranteed. In fact, depending on your submarket and size, availability is often abundant. Thanks to the enormity of Washington, D.C.’s office market, the historically low vacancy rates don’t equate to scarce options. They do, however, equate to one of the highest average office rental rates in the country. Broad Street focuses on providing our clients with a labor-intensive analysis of all the options to save organizations time and money.

We would love an opportunity to assist you. By providing us with a few simple details (via the form on the right), we will quickly turn around a report detailing all available office space within your organization’s parameters anywhere in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Whether your firm consists of 5 employees or 500, Broad Street’s DC Office Team is here to educate and assist. A sample report can be seen in the image below or downloaded in a PDF file by clicking on SEE SAMPLE LIST at the bottom of this page. Please keep in mind that the PDF file is only a sample and cannot be considered an up-to-date list of available office space as availabilities change daily.

Sample list of available office spaces

***This information should be deemed accurate but not reliable. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. Every real estate contract is different, and we advise any person or organization to contact a licensed professional before executing any contract and/or lease agreement.


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Available Office Space