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Commercial property owners are professional Landlords. The key aspect of this statement is the concept
– professional. By that we mean Landlords generally have a team of professionally trained agents, attorneys, and property managers to keep their buildings running smoothly and profits at a maximum.

Property managers are in place to manage the day-to-day operation of the Building, keep costs down,
systems in good working order, and the rent coming in. A good property manager is essential to a
successful tenant experience. All you need to do is imagine your HVAC failing in August or your elevator
failing when your office is on the 14th floor to immediately grasp the importance of a good property
manager. Not all management companies are created equal.

Landlord agents are utilized to secure their clients the Tenant at the most favorable terms considering
the competition. Landlord agents sell you the space. Most of them have good intentions but lean toward
puffery on behalf of their clients. The reality is that the more time you spend focused on one property
over another because of the salesperson, the more time you have lost if the Building isn’t the right fit
because of ADA issues or demolition clauses or any other issues that weren’t revealed in a timely fashion.

Attorneys are employed by the Landlord to write and fight for leases that are heavily Landlord-
favorable. The attorneys engaged for this task are specialists in real estate leases; it is their profession to
take the teeth out of a tenant’s rights and remedies.

Knowledge, intimate knowledge, of the above is why a tenant needs a real estate broker working on
their behalf in every lease transaction. Having a good, affordable attorney on your side is essential. A
broker can recommend one to you. Knowing the Landlord, the property manager, the salesperson and
the Building in advance can save a Tenant time and money in a transaction.

***This information should be deemed accurate but not reliable. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice. Every real estate contract is different, and we advise any person or organization to contact a licensed professional before executing any contract and/or lease agreement.

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